Digital PR

Campaigns that deliver more than just links

Just as with content and SEO, our approach to digital PR is centred around generating creative coverage that is backed up by data and long-term results. Our in-house team combine PR and SEO tactics to ensure every creative campaign, reactive press release and social media post is relevant and engaging to both the consumer and the media. Links aren’t our sole motivator, instead we focus on the bigger picture – rankings, traffic, brand awareness, social engagement and more.

Digital PR strategy

Carrying out competitor analysis, brand and audience research, and full backlink audits, to produce a detailed and digestible strategy to achieving digital PR goals.

SEO focus

Using our in-house SEO expertise to ensure digital PR campaigns are about more than an initial buzz, instead focusing on coverage that contributes to long-term organic traffic growth.

Reactive PR

Keeping a careful eye on the media, identifying opportunities, and quickly responding with relevant commentary which generates quality coverage.

Creative campaigns

Producing unique, end to end creative campaigns that deliver results. Including pitching ideas, doing the research, delivering the content, and ensuring coverage with a thorough outreach strategy.

Reporting and results

Reporting on valuable and tangible metrics that are tailored to unique brand goals, by providing a bespoke report of all digital PR activity and results.

Editorial best practices

Producing clear editorial guidelines and developing templates for copywriting briefs, to save time and ensure accuracy. Also managing freelancers and creating briefs where needed.

Media relationships

Having our fingers on the pulse and constantly adding to a little black book of media contacts from around the world. We have particularly strong connections in the travel industry.

Creative assets

Working alongside a network of talented creatives to commission unique and on-brand infographics, video content, animations, illustrations and more.

Coverage includes:

DPR case studies


Product launch and brand awareness campaign


Delivering coverage and links through data-driven stories

Frequently asked questions

How do you measure the success and ROI of a digital PR campaign?

We report on valuable and tangible metrics that are tailored to your brand’s unique goals and KPIs. While we do track links, we also focus on the bigger picture – rankings, traffic, brand awareness, social engagement and, if data access is available, revenue contribution.

How long do campaigns take and how long until we see results?

Typically campaigns run over a 3 – 4 month period, which includes ideation, strategy, content creation and outreach. Results can be seen as soon as outreach commences, typically in month 3.

Which journalists and publications do you reach out to?

We create bespoke media lists for each campaign and the lists vary depending on the industry and campaign topic. Over the years we have developed a strong network of journalist relationships, which helps us secure coverage.

Would you like to know more?

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