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The challenge

Danetti is a design-led furniture retailer founded in the UK in 2006. Its inventory covers interior furniture - tables, chairs, sofas, beds; everything you need to fit out a modern, design-conscious home. With a focus on stylish designs, Danetti offers high-quality products but competes in a crowded ecommerce space dominated by huge global brands such as Wayfair and IKEA.

Danetti's SEO performance was in long-term decline, with 18 months of consistent traffic loss and sliding rankings.

We determined this was the result of several major factors:

  • Poor SEO strategy
  • Technical SEO and UX changes
  • Lack of content
  • Suboptimal surfacing of inventory

The work

We started working with Danetti in June 2023, combining technical SEO with our insight and generative services to identify fixes and automate the rollout of large-scale optimisations. This included our page-scaling process for producing high-quality, optimised copy using generative AI, and automating the creation of 150 new pages to capture search intent.

Danetti have also benefitted from our catalogue enrichment service, producing a complete set of tags for its entire inventory, which we mapped to keyword research to identify new traffic opportunities.

In the first six months we:

  • Carried out a comprehensive technical SEO audit
  • Made critical technical SEO fixes, enabling Google to better understand Danetti's full breadth of available product
  • Optimised all existing product listing pages (category and filter pages) with keywords that better align to Danetti's inventory and meet the search intent of their customer profile
  • Created improved PLP copy that better articulates the USPs of Danetti's inventory in each range (tables, chairs, etc.)
  • Developed and implemented a new internal linking widget on PLPs, improving contextual linking between PLPs for both SEO and UX
  • Produced keyword research for current product inventory to identify new SEO landing pages to release
  • Created 150 new PLP landing pages based on keyword research mapped to inventory, targeting buying intent
  • Produced generative copy for all new PLPs optimised for keyword intent
  • Produced all meta and schema optimisation for new PLPs
Line chart showing organic traffic growth for Danetti achieved by Melt Digital
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