Easy to manage websites built with users in mind

We take a holistic approach to development and focus on building websites which are user-friendly, easily scalable, and expertly SEO-optmised. Our in-house team’s capabilities range from entire front-end template design to campaign-specific microsite creation. Everything we do is fully mobile responsive and we can even create apps, to strengthen a site’s multi-platform experience. Importantly, because our development team works closely with our SEO, content and digital PR teams, every site we build is designed to help achieve wider business goals.

Web design and build

Carrying out extensive research to design and build websites that help achieve business goals by focusing on SEO optimisation, user-friendly frameworks and easily manageable software.

Web support

Assisting businesses with website management and development, from initial migration support to ongoing maintenance and site expansion.


Building quality microsites to host digital PR campaigns or content projects. Designing the sites to align with brand identity, or showcase alternate personalities or new lines of business.

SEO focus

Working with our expert in-house SEO team to ensure that SEO strategy is considered at every stage of the site design and build process.

Mobile responsiveness

Ensuring sites are fully mobile optimised, to achieve the best multi-platform user experience and help sites rank better in Google.

App development

Designing and building app prototypes – from basic MVP’s to cutting-edge feature-packed apps – and then launching on iOS, Android and Windows.

Chief Marketing Officer, Squarebook

“Can’t recommend the Melt team highly enough. So thorough, so professional, so reliable and all-round unbeatable service. You get all the technical expertise you need as a given – they’re amazing devs. But they’re also genuine marketing professionals – you don’t get this with every web build. Before development starts Melt have an unbeatable discovery process where they take the time to properly understand your business and your goals.

People wonder why websites don’t turn out the way they expected. It’s because their agency didn’t do what Melt do. They’re just brilliant”

Development case studies


Online global event management through a bespoke video platform


Designing and developing a professional techstartup website

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