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Producing extensive B2B travel content across multiple formats and styles

1 easily manageable site

10 week turnaround

£1m capital investment secured


Producing extensive B2B travel content across multiple formats and styles

1 easy to manage website

10 week turnaround

£1 million capital investment secured

The challenge


We were approached by Illuma to design and build their new website. The site needed to be up and running quickly, as they were due to begin a round of fundraising in less than 3 months, and knew a professional and on-brand site would help secure investment.

As part of the redesign, we were also tasked with helping to fix poor or overly complex content, rectifying site structure issues, and ensuring everything was well optimised for SEO. Illuma were also clear that they wanted to be able to manage the site themselves, with relatively limited technical expertise.

What we did

Our web development projects always begin with an extensive discovery phase. In this case, we needed to fully understand Illuma’s product in order to be able to showcase it in an accesible way on the site. To gather this information we spoke directly with the directors as well as the PR and marketing teams.

Next up, we began a phase of competitor and market analysis, to understand what web elements would work and what wouldn’t. We wanted to benchmark our initial ideas against competitors and identify market gaps. From this research we realised there was an opportunity to create a real point of difference between Illuma and their competitors by developing a website that looked professional and explained their products in an accessible way.

With this in mind our teams drew up a plan for the site architecture and content requirements, and our graphic designers mocked up wireframes and bespoke WordPress templates based on Illuma’s brand guidelines. All of this went through several rounds of feedback, until Illuma were happy with the final design and site layout.

The final step was then to get on with building the site. While our team did the behind the scenes development work on WordPress, Illuma’s team wrote the new copy for us to include. It was then all brought to life, tested rigorously and set live – with redirects from the old site set up too.

Throughout the web design and build process, SEO metrics were at the heart of all of our decision making, and after the new site was launched we ran several tests to ensure the site was indeed fully optimised.


In just 10 weeks we managed to conduct extensive background research, design and then build a stylish, contemporary and SEO optimised new website for Illuma.

The site was a breath of fresh air for Illuma. Thanks to its speedy development it was used as a showcase of the business in their 2021 fundraising round, which resulted in them securing over £1 million in capital investment – a resounding success.

The site was built in such a way that the Illuma team can now easily manage it themselves – with ongoing support from us where needed. Meanwhile, the success of the website build has seen our remit with Illuma grow to include on-demand support across their entire marketing catalogue.


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