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Online global event management through a bespoke video platform

6 week turnaround

85% ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ feedback

8 000 international attendees


Online global event management through a bespoke video platform

6 week turnaround

85% ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ feedback

8 000 international attendees

The challenge


As a long-standing client, ETOA came to us for help at the start of the Coronavirus pandemic. Being a travel trade body that relies heavily on events for their strategy and revenue, ETOA knew they needed to quickly adapt and provide online alternatives.

They asked us to develop an event hosting and video conferencing platform which would allow them to run events virtually. The platform needed to be up and running in six weeks, to avoid cancelling an upcoming event. It also had to enable ETOA to replicate their popular speed-dating event format, whereby buyers and suppliers are hosted in individual meetings.

What we did

Having worked with ETOA for many years we had a good working knowledge of their business objectives, systems and events, so were able to hit the ground running quickly. We knew what approach we needed to take and were able to jump straight into researching platforms.

In just six weeks we designed and built a bespoke video platform for ETOA, using customised Jitsu Open Source software. To minimise disruption, we worked within the confines of existing appointment booking systems, which matched buyers and suppliers based on their meeting preferences. This meant that on the day attendees were automatically scheduled into video meetings, where they could chat and share screens for a pre-allocated period of time.


Prior to the event we ran several tests to ensure the platform would run efficiently, and then launched it for ETOA’s 2020 City Fair event. The event was attended virtually by over 400 people from around the globe, and we ran over 4,000 video meetings in one day.

The feedback from the ETOA event was overwhelmingly positive, with over 85% of attendees rating it as good or excellent. Due to this success, ETOA have now run over 20 online events using the platform built by us, with attendees totalling over 8,000 and meetings over 240,000. Each of these events has run over multiple time zones, enabling people to easily meet from across the world.

Before, during and after every event we have been on-hand to provide technical support, and continue to evolve the platform based on feedback from previous events.


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