10 types of content to add to your website
November 24, 2021

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Having great website content is crucial to long-lasting digital success. It helps with SEO, engages visitors and showcases what you can offer potential customers. It’s a no brainer, and we’re not here to tell you to stay on top of your content strategy and production, because we’re sure you already know that!

Instead, we want to help you think differently about content. After all, it’s easy to forget that web content isn’t just blogs and landing page copy, but also videos, illustrations, FAQs and case studies – to name just a few examples. Using a mix of different types of content will help add personality to your website and engage visitors in different ways, so aim to showcase at least a few of the below.

To get you started, here are 10 types of content you could start scheduling into your content strategy today:

1. Testimonials

Shout about all the great work you’ve done by sharing a few testimonials. Depending on your business offering, you could have entire sections or pages dedicated purely to customer reviews, or just scatter a few quotes across the site for people to read as they browse.

2. Videos

Eye-catching videos get people to stop scrolling and pay attention. Play around with different video styles to create short clips that visually showcase what your business offers customers. Done well, a video can sell your business in half the time it takes to read a blog.

3. FAQs

Aside from being great for SEO, FAQs also provide really useful information for visitors to your website. In turn making readers more likely to trust you as a reputable source. They can also save your team time, as potential customers won’t have to call or email with little questions.

4. Memes

Attract a younger audience and show a little personality with light hearted memes. These need to be used sparingly and in good taste, but can be particularly great content for blogs, social media and email marketing, where the tone can often be a little more informal.

5. Guides

Highlight your expertise by creating and sharing some simple ‘how to’ guides on your site. Don’t worry, giving away your secrets won’t lose you all your business, in fact it’s more likely to help persuade potential customers that you’re trustworthy and know your stuff.


6. Illustrations & infographics

Display information in new ways, through content such as thought-provoking illustrations, clear flow-charts or fun symbols. People digest information in different ways and this kind of stuff appeals to visual learners brilliantly. Plus, it looks great and breaks up lots of copy.

7. Ebooks

Similarly to guides, downloadable pdf ebooks are a great way to show expertise. They also allow you to play around with more long-form, inspirational or editorial content, as well as new colours or design styles – as an ebook doesn’t have to tie in with the rest of the website.

8. Team profiles

Put faces to the business name and introduce your team members with short profiles. Include smiley images and ask everyone to include a little detail that relates to your business – i.e. their favourite ice cream flavour and why, if you are an ice cream parlour.

9. Case studies

Don’t assume web visitors know what your products or services can do – tell them. Write up a case study to give real-world examples of how your business has helped people get value for money, and don’t forget to include images as proof too.

10. Interviews

Inviting relevant experts (or even your own team members) to talk about their skills and experience in an interview can be really insightful content. Come up with an interesting topic first, and then conduct the interview as either a recorded video or a podcast episode. You could even transcribe snippets for a blog post too.

Content at Melt Digital

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