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WEBINAR: How social media can drive ROI for your content marketing strategy

For many brands, social media fails to deliver ROI because it is operated in silos. Social media, as with any marketing activity, must always be part of and support the wider strategy.

This session was designed to help you increase your content marketing ROI through social media. It covers a wide range of topics but focuses mainly on:

  • How to create a social media strategy
  • Common pitfalls and how to overcome them
  • Getting the most out of your social media activity

We’ll also explore the changing social landscape, how to take the right action and social media best practice. Our CCO, Helene Hall, touches on our content marketing framework and where social media sits within it.

For more information about our Content Marketing Framework, you can download a free copy of our Content Marketing Wheel and a guide of how to use the Content Marketing Framework.