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Mobile Responsive Web Design

Still thinking smartphone vs desktop? You need design that works for both devices – and all the rest

Mobile keeps growing. At time of writing one in every three searches is mobile-based, and in some Asian markets mobile is already the dominant platform. If you haven’t considered mobile yet, you’re already behind the curve. And while you’re running to catch up with the current generation of devices, the next will be sneaking up behind you.

That’s where responsive design comes in. We know that your audience is accessing your content from tablets, mobiles, desktops and even televisions, and that great sites and content are shared without a device in mind. Responsive design frees you from the dated, resource-intensive model of operating separate mobile and desktop sites, and ensures huge device compatibility rates without damaging user experience.

Fast, professional responsive redesigns

All of our scratch mobile design work is responsive, but we can also take existing sites and push them through a responsive overhaul, getting you mobile-ready without the expense of a whole new website.

Bespoke responsive sites with SEO and content strategy

Need the full package? If you’d rather start with a blank slate, our team of strategists, designers, developers, SEOs and content creators can oversee the whole project. We’ll develop a content strategy and SEO plan to fit your business goals, then shape a responsive mobile site around it.

Responsive design for mobile ecommerce

Do people buy on their phones? Absolutely. IMRG and Capgemini believe mobile’s share of UK online sales broke the 50% mark in late 2015, and even more cautious studies put the rate close to 30%. What everyone agrees on is that it is increasing year by year.

Mobile responsive design isn’t just about making content look good in every viewport. On ecommerce projects, we’ll ensure your product search, shopping basket and checkout work smoothly on all devices, helping you maintain your conversion rate as customers migrate to mobile purchasing.

Flexible, scalable development

We work with open source systems such as WordPress and Magento, but we can also create bespoke solutions. We’re used to developing for both large content systems and ecommerce systems, delivering easy-to-use responsive digital properties that fit quickly into your existing workflows and business processes. We also develop with a lack of engineer requirement in mind – so you won’t need to contact us or hire a specialist to edit advertisements, banners, logos and page text.

We deliver fully compatible solutions, utilising cross-device coding techniques such as unobtrusive JavaScript and progressive enhancement. Bespoke HTML5 and CSS come as standard, with full cross-browser support and testing. Everything is led and monitored through our project management structure, with a unique site launch plan that helps you hit the ground running.

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