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Engaging one-offs that bring big digital campaigns to life

If you’ve already got a strong website, it might seem counter-intuitive to create another. But there are good reasons for building microsites. They allow you to showcase a major campaign or a flagship product, breaking it out of your standard design template and adding bespoke content, tools and experiences. It could be a viral quiz designed to create buzz around a key travel destination; a slick configurator that steers users towards the perfect holiday; or an interactive guide that helps users feel confident about a travel money or insurance purchase. Whatever it is, a good microsite delivers a rich, highly focused experience that users will want to share.

How do we approach microsite projects?

The best microsites emerge from a wider content strategy – you won’t find us proposing a microsite and retrofitting content to it. Because our team includes strategists, writers, designers and developers, we can guide you through the whole process. We’ll start with commercial goals and search and social insights, develop strategic content ideas and work them into an original digital property. And when it’s live, our social and outreach teams will make sure the right people see it and engage with it.

If your strategy is already in place, we can start at the creation phase, delivering on your vision and helping you promote it.

Microsites and content marketing

Most of our microsite projects have formed part of a bigger content marketing campaign, with supporting articles, social posts and outreach efforts designed to drive attention and links to a single hub.

Microsites and video

A good microsite should make a visual impact. As well as graphic design work, illustration and photography, we can plan and deliver high-quality video through our video production partners.

Copywriting for microsites

Microsites are lean, focused showcases for key campaigns and products. So while they usually don’t need much copy, the copy needs to count. Our team includes writers with extensive digital experience, and our wider network includes travel journalists, creative writers and marketing copywriters – so whether you want concision and clarity or an interactive long-form feature, we can deliver it.

Microsites and SEO

Microsites as an SEO tactic has a marred history, but done correctly they provide a valuable SEO opportunity. They provide a route to overcome potential incumbent platform limitations, and allow more creative opportunity for web development. If this is well tied to your content marketing strategy you can end up with a new rich, engaging asset on your site. This can then be the core to an outreach campaign to drive links, which in turn aids site authority. We’re able to deliver microsites that fit seamlessly into your site structure, whether via a sub-domain or adding to sub-folders.

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