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Social Media Management

Turning strategy into a programme of posts and interactions, underpinned by social analytics

The world would be a simpler place if good social media management was as easy as hiring a keen social media user. But great social media managers aren’t necessarily social butterflies with five-figure follower counts – sometimes they’re methodical, geeky people who would rather pore over spreadsheets than post a Snap story of their lunch.

That’s us. We believe social media management needs to be underpinned by strategy and data. That means a solid calendar of activity designed to align with commercial goals and wider content campaigns. It means meticulous data analysis to figure out what needs to be posted, when, and where.

On top of all that, it requires quick thinking, creativity and a strong understanding of the business’s public voice and operational structure. Social media managers need to be able to spot opportunities in new trends and interactions, and know when and how to escalate customer complaints and CRM issues.

Finally, they need to know how to create engaging posts on every social media platform there is, and how to work with every management and scheduling tool – as well as being ready to dive into platforms that haven’t been invented yet.

Post, measure, learn, repeat

Our social media management is based on a flexible scheduled calendar, and a continuous process of monitoring and improvement. We’ll build the initial calendar according to your social strategy, then watch response rates and tweak the mix of platforms, post types and timings as the campaign progresses.

Flexible workflow

We’ll consult your team and develop a writing and approval process that works for you. Create posts in-house and use our social media managers as gatekeepers; leave the writing to us and retain sign-off on every post; or simply let us handle the whole operation.

One campaign, multiple social platforms

Planning a single campaign across all your social profiles? Our social media and content creation teams work closely together, allowing us to design and optimise creative for each platform, deploy it at the right time and ensure tone of voice, branding and hashtags stay consistent at every touchpoint.

Aligning organic and paid campaigns

If you’re running organic and paid activity simultaneously, social media takes on another level of complexity. We’ll take a cross-campaign view of both scheduling and post production, ensuring the two streams complement and support each other.

Social media management and outreach

If your outreach strategy has social media elements, we’ll work them into our overall social media management plan, helping you start and strengthen relationships with social influencers, and pushing your content towards the communities that need to see it.

Social media training

Want to bring SMM in-house? We can help you get set up with guidance documents, sample posts and face-to-face training on key techniques and platforms.

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