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Paid Social Strategy

Targeted activity to push tactical campaigns, find new audiences and support your organic strategy

Social media purists sometimes look at paid social as cheating. But paid social activity can deliver major benefits, from getting a brand new account off the ground to supercharging tactical campaigns and offers. And if you’ve invested in a piece of high-value content – whether it’s a browser game or a hefty white paper – a paid social strategy can help you squeeze maximum ROI out of it.

Getting started with paid social strategy

Paid social strategy and organic social strategy start with similar questions. You’ll need a clearly defined goal to steer your activity and measure its success.  From there, you’ll need to drill down into the preferences and behaviours of your target audience:

  • Who do I want to target?
  • Which platforms do they use?
  • Which topics and themes do they respond to?
  • What kind of content do they respond to?
  • What content formats do they respond to?
  • When are they active online?

As with social, we’ll use multiple data points – anonymised CRM, cookie analysis, follower analysis, target profiling – to assess the where, when and what of your target audience’s social media habits.

Setting your paid social budget

While the questions about audience and content are similar, there’s an extra layer to take into account when planning paid activity. Budget matters – pricing structure varies from platform to platform, so the amount you can spend may affect which social network can deliver the most value. We’ll help you understand exactly how and where to target spend for the best possible results.

Putting your paid social strategy into practice

The purchasing process varies hugely from platform to platform, with different levels of targeting, ad formats and creative requirements. We’ll guide you through the process and offer creative support, whether you need platform-specific versions of core campaign assets or bespoke content for each network.

Constant monitoring and adjustment

Like PPC, a good paid social campaign needs careful management, especially in the early stages. We’ll monitor response and tweak timing, content, targeting, presentation and spend until we find the perfect balance. A well-optimised campaign should keep running and keep delivering results, but we’ll keep monitoring it throughout to watch for unexpected changes and new opportunities.

Using paid social to amplify organic

Running a series of Twitter chats? Ready to post a killer b2b report on LinkedIn? While organic shares can put that activity in front of new audiences, paid campaigns can give it an extra boost, and tap into social networks’ deep user profiles to deliver granular targeting.

Paid social advertising

Conventional wisdom says that social network users don’t want to see ads. While that’s broadly true, it needs some qualification: what users don’t want are irrelevant, poorly targeted ads. With research, targeting and well-crafted messages, social ads can work – and they can work far better than traditional digital display, with a cost per acquisition closer to email and direct mail. Social ads can be a great way of promoting time-limited offers and promotions, both to existing fans and

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