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Organic Social Strategy

Everyone – and every brand – has something to offer on social. Here’s where you figure out what that is

Just step back for a moment and look at social as a whole. It’s an extraordinary opportunity. It allows brands to talk to current and potential customers in a way that would have been unimaginable just a few decades ago: directly, at scale and in real time.

The downside? Social is a new and hungry channel to service. If you go in without a social strategy, the focus shifts from ‘What can I do with this space?’ to ‘How can I fill it?’ – and the easiest answer is to pump out core brand and sales messages. The result is a stream of posts that is high on volume but low on purpose, and only looks successful if you use post quotas as a metric.

Developing an organic social strategy

Post quotas are a poor success metric because they aren’t linked to business goals. The starting point of your organic social strategy shouldn’t be what you want to post or how much you want post, but rather what you want your posts to achieve. That could be one or more of:

  • Raw site traffic
  • Qualified site traffic
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Audience growth (email or social subscriptions)
  • More engagement from existing followers
  • Brand recognition
  • Customer satisfaction (social as a CRM channel)

Once we’ve defined your goals, we’ll conduct analysis of your target audience on social, looking at their preferred platforms, their behaviours, their posting style, the kind of content they interact with and their favourite topics.

  • Do they interact with branded content?
  • What kind of content do they share?
  • When are they online? Are they more or less responsive at certain times?
  • Are they using social platforms to resolve certain problems or fulfil certain goals?
  • What other communities of interest do they belong to?

The goal is to figure out how you can bring genuine value to the social platforms your target audience uses. It might be as simple as giving them something to laugh at on their way home from work; it might be producing sophisticated content that helps them make a complex business or purchase decision. Whatever it is, it will break the habit of regurgitating sales messages, and guide the content, tone and scheduling of your social activity.

From insights to posting plans

Our strategies aren’t abstract documents. They’re designed to be put into practice. We’ll provide a calendar of activity over an agreed period, broken down by themes and social channels. And to help you craft posts we’ll provide guidance on style and content for both original posts and replies.

Need help with social content creation? We can also fill your calendar with ready-to-go posts for a variety of social platforms, including imagery, video, hashtags and mentions where appropriate.

Adding paid social support

Organic and paid social aren’t opposites. We can help you boost your organic social strategy with complementary paid activity, ensuring your posts reach the right people and encouraging both shares and new follows.

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