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Technical SEO Support

Optimising your site and plugging SEO leaks

What is technical SEO?

Google ranks websites based on over 200 factors, and while many of them are relatively obvious and easy to observe, there are many others that aren’t. Almost every internal element of a site matters, and some of the most obscure ones can still have dire consequence on a site’s natural search performance. Technical SEO is about looking under the hood and making sure your site’s architecture and structure send the right messages to search engines. Get it right and it will help you squeeze even more organic traffic out of your content and link-building campaigns.

How does technical SEO work?

Our approach doesn’t just focus on growing traffic or recovering from penalties – it places disaster prevention front and centre, identifying and neutralising damaging SEO issues before they occur.

We follow up our technical SEO work with meticulous, modular testing cycles, pushing for continuous improvements through template testing, meta, and architectural tweaks. The process is aimed at bringing in additional traffic and gaining a deeper understanding of how search engines view your site.

Technical analysis

Every site is unique. We start with a systematic but context-sensitive review, taking into consideration variances of unique landing pages, styles, architecture, and purpose, without losing a complete view of SEO.

This means that we know why some sites are set up in non-standard ways. In other words, you won’t get generic SEO suggestions that don’t apply to your implementation.

SEO testing

Our analysis never stops. Our testing methodology is designed to provide compound improvements that lead to a consistent and stable SEO growth pattern. Not every test will be successful, but even the ones that fail give us new insights that help build a strong framework for future growth.

We also understand development. We can connect with agile development teams and support on product management to test on the highest and lowest level.

What kind of technical SEO work do I need?

No two technical SEO projects are the same. Our services can be tailored to your requirements, but regular work we undertake includes:

Single instance work:

  • SEO site audits
  • Penalty prevention, investigation and removal
  • Analytics consulting
  • Sub-domain / top-level domain migration
  • User metrics assessment (for SEO)
  • Historical investigation and analysis

Ongoing support:

  • SEO monitoring, based on log files and external monitoring systems
  • SEO disaster prevention, server monitoring, and active response
  • User metrics testing
  • SERP testing and analysis
  • Inbound link monitoring
  • Countering negative SEO

If you’re looking for advice, or are interested in our complete technical SEO service, please contact us.

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