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SEO Strategy

To rank well you need the best of technical and organic practices – with a big dash of adaptability

Set against clear goals, a good SEO strategy has the power to transform your website’s online fortunes. It can increase traffic, brand awareness, customer advocacy and conversion, and simultaneously reduce the reliance on PPC spend and other high CPA channels.

So how do you do it?

At a fundamental level, SEO starts with navigating and understanding the basis of websites. But you can have the most technically sound website on the net and still struggle to win users.

To take SEO campaigns to the next level, you need a multi-disciplinary approach. Yes, you need to implement the most up-to-date technical SEO practices; but you also need to keep the needs and experience of your users in mind.

Our SEO strategies are formed on the basis of solid technical SEO principles, an awareness of the shifting SEO landscape, and well-defined content opportunities backed up by keyword, content and competitor research.

Putting together an SEO strategy

Lay the foundations. Begin with a thorough technical and content audit, identifying underlying problems and clear content gaps.

Put the audience first. Develop insights into how your customers search and find what you sell. Once you understand that, you can take your pick of the most effective SEO practices.

Set clear goals. SEO takes time. Get everyone on board with clear and accountable KPIs, ensuring the budget that goes into SEO performance delivers a return on investment.

Working together with you, our team will get under the skin of your website to understand what makes it tick and which areas are potentially holding it back. We’ll explain the elements required to improve ranking performance and create a road map to drive the most out of each, including on- and off-site opportunities.

Keeping pace with Google

The internet changes. Users develop new habits. Google deploys new algorithms and guidelines.

Our SEO team has years of experience across highly competitive verticals, so we understand how search engines work and have our eyes firmly on where search is heading. We constantly monitor search engine activity, and keep up to date with the technologies that influence how people search. So we’re never afraid of changing our strategies. If we come to you with a tweak, don’t be surprised – search doesn’t stand still, so neither do we.

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