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SEO Audit

Get a comprehensive, expert view on your site’s search performance, with actionable suggestions

What is an SEO audit?

SEO audits are a fundamental pillar of improving search performance, helping to uncover issues that are holding your websites back in SERPs.

Our bespoke SEO audits aren’t automated reports with broad advisories. They’re created by a team that has years of experience in SEO, and the technical knowledge to identify and explain specific issues. Every audit we create includes straightforward tips and suggestions, allowing your SEO and developer teams to zero in on areas that need immediate attention.

Why do I need an SEO audit?

A website should achieve a base level of traffic simply by being there – but it won’t do so if search engines can’t find it, access it or understand it. If the basics aren’t right, you won’t just lose that base level of traffic. You’ll have nothing to build on, leaving you 100% reliant on high-CPA channels such as PPC advertising.

Our SEO team has extensive experience in technical SEO, content-driven organic SEO and link-building. That skillset allows us to undertake audits in several forms:

  • Deep-dive technical audits: These address the inner workings of your website. We’ll examine your code to make sure search engines can crawl it efficiently.
  • On-page content optimisation audits: We’ll map your business’s keyword opportunities and review the content and presentation of your pages to ensure the fundamentals are in place.
  • International SEO audits: A through investigation of your international set-up, designed to ensure search engines serve the right content in the right countries.
  • Mobile SEO audits: Combining SEO analysis with technical and developer insights, these audits help you stay visible on every device.
  • SEO migration audit: Moving CMS platforms or revamping your front end? We’ll develop a migration plan to ensure you don’t lose visibility.

What kind of SEO audit do I need?

SEO audits come in many forms. Not every scenario requires a deep-dive audit – some require a more content-led approach. At the start of the process we’ll sit down with your team and assess what you need based on your SEO aims and your website’s known condition.

Common goals for SEO audits include:

  • An in-depth view on how well optimised your landing pages are for your SEO objectives
  • Assessment of suspected technical flaws
  • A road map to improving existing content and plugging content gaps

Whatever you’re hoping to achieve, an SEO audit delivers a specialist view of the backend workings of your website, and may also take into account front-end presentation and user experience. We’ll help you understand how those insights are linked to your ranking ability, giving you a clear path to a more successful, more lucrative site.

What does an SEO audit look like?

Solution-focused: Our audits are solution-focused documents with clear action points. We aim to provide a document that can be passed straight into your development team’s workflow, so you can get to work on urgent fixes as soon as the audit is with you.

Prioritised: We clearly identify where the priority issues are, highlighting fixes that will deliver fast and substantial improvements, and flaws that need urgent attention to avoid penalties from Google.

At the end of the process, you should have a road map to optimise your site and a strong platform from which to plan your future SEO campaigns.

What comes next?

Our SEO audits often form the starting point for deeper engagements, providing the basis of SEO strategies and content marketing campaigns. With SEO, content and outreach specialists in-house, we can pass our audits straight into strategy and content creation workstreams, swiftly building reports and action points into an active campaign.

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