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Multilingual & International SEO

Search strategy and support to help your site go global

Did you know that less than 9% of the world’s population speaks English as a first language? If you’re looking to help your website rank internationally and reach a global audience, English alone won’t cut it. To speak to the world, you’ll need to speak its language.

A technical, strategic approach, whatever the market

Our experience covers both new multilingual launches and SEO optimisation for existing international sites. Regardless of TLD, subdomain or directory, we analyse multilingual site plans and set ups for quick wins, and look for paths to long-term authority growth across multiple markets. From retail and ecommerce platforms to bespoke blogs, we’ve got industry-leading talent and solid frameworks to help you though your multilingual SEO set up.

We also know that one size does not fit all. Our multilingual SEO campaigns are as unique as your website, and are focused on your business model and commercial targets from the start. And if you’re pushing for long-term organic growth, we can integrate SEO activity with data-driven content strategies tailored to your key international markets.

Translation or localisation?

Melt’s SEO team has extensive localisation experience.  We offer more than just translation: our localisation service fully adapts content to the target market, taking into account cultural context and local market conditions – things that word-for-word translation almost always misses.

Our in-market localisation experts start from the meaning, not just the words. They look at what your content needs to convey and rationalise it from a native perspective, so the finished piece doesn’t just flow well in the local language, but also gets the right message across local audiences.

In-market outreach

Looking for international link-building support? Contact us for localised outreach campaigns. We’ll work with experts on the ground to develop and target locally resonant content. Then we’ll help you identify and reach the key influencers in your international markets, and use localised social posts to amplify your content campaign.

Any language you need

We speak your customer’s language. From Catalan to Chinese, we cover all European, South American and Asian language sets. We can also work with your existing localisation team or agency to deliver bespoke content and SEO campaigns.

Our full services include:

  • Complete in-destination keyword research and investigation
  • Full technical coverage
  • Multilingual linking and implementation
  • International migration support:
    • Ecommerce, corporate and content driven sites
    • Microsites
  • Multilingual SEO testing
  • High level support and reporting
  • Content language targeting review
  • In-market outreach
  • Localised social media
  • SEO consultancy
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