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SEO Migration Strategy

Maintaining SEO performance during your website transition

If you’ve been through a number of website migrations, you’ll know a poorly planned one can hammer organic search traffic. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Our SEO migration plans are suitable for websites of all sizes, and give you a clear roadmap to a smooth transition, plus ongoing technical support after you make the switch. Whether you’re migrating to a new platform, new frontend templates or a completely new domain name and URL structure, we can help.

Migration plans for protocol changes

Making the switch from http to https has been linked to ranking benefits. This too requires a site migration and redirect plan. Http and https resolve to different ports, so they are technically are treated as separate websites.

Migration: Before, during and after

Setting a benchmark: You need a reliable benchmark of your pre-migration performance to help monitor and manage any changes post-migration. We’ll help you collate critical data to ensure you have the best possible perspective on the impact of your site migration process.

Analysing your site map: Our technical SEO specialists will undertake an extensive crawl of your site to ensure all current URLs are identified and logged. We’ll then work with you to build out your new site map.

Implementing redirects: Based on the new site map, we’ll create a comprehensive redirection plan that transitions old URL structures across to the new, helping you to preserve the good rankings your website currently has.

Beyond URL mapping: It’s easy to forget all the other web properties that interact with and rely on the structure of your site. We will ensure all necessary web properties, such as search console, are included in the migration process.

Not forgetting PPC: New domains cannot be redirected to via AdWords. We’ll ensure your paid search teams are fully updated with all changes relevant to their performance, including display URLs and tracking codes.

Ongoing support: Once the new site is up and running, we’ll be on hand to monitor performance and identify areas that need additional work.

Can I escape a penalty by migrating my site?

In short, no. If you’ve been hit by a manual or algorithmic penalty, a site migration is not the answer. It could even make the situation worse. Penalties pass through redirects, meaning any new destination URLs will also suffer. To exacerbate the problem, the loss of authority caused by a 301 redirect will likely leave your rankings in an even worse position after the migration process. You should address the source of the penalty rather than migrating your site – or fix the penalty first and migrate afterwards.

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