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Local SEO

Optimising both on and off site factors to improve rankings relative to a geographical area

Why is local SEO a separate service? The techniques involved build on ‘traditional SEO’ but focus more on geographical factors that influence page rankings. For Google to determine rankings relative to location based searches, it requires additional signals to determine the location of a specific entity.

Worth also keeping in mind the search results for local results change often, and often change radically. It’s therefore essential you are up to date with the latest strategy for local SEO. You don’t want to find the move from a seven pack result to a five pack result has been missed, and your local SEO no longer sees you in the results.

Local Content Optimised to Rank

Successful local SEO focuses on many elements. Stating the obvious, ensuring your site clearly has the name of your business location, be it, town, city or county, placed in elements of the page that drive local rankings is key.

Assessing and optimising

In essence, the formula for local ranking success is simple. Our team will audit every page on the site to ensure all key on-page local signals are correctly optimised and deployed on your website. We’ll also make recommendations for any technical fixes beyond the influence of local SEO.

Getting the basics of having your business name, address and phone number on every page are the quick wins that begin to build your local ranking presence.

Optimising Google My Business

Correctly setting up your business’s Google My Business listing is a crucial starting point. Often overlooked, or incorrectly optimised, GMB is a key factor powering your website’s local ranking success and making sure your site appears on the local map result.

Local links and citations

Much like traditional SEO, links are an important factor driving the local ranking success of your site. But, you cannot build just any old link, geographically relevant links are critical for google to join the dots about your businesses location, and therefore the location based searches your site should appear for in the results. If your site is referenced heavily by third party sites that are geographically miles away, the signals to Google will be confused and mean you’ll likely not to appear in local results.

Beyond SEO

Getting your site correctly optimised for Local ranking success is just one stage in a successful local search strategy. To really excel, you need to bring social media, video and CRM into the mix to drive engagement to the next level. Once the SEO team has your site in good shape, our social media and outreach teams can create strategies that drive long term success for your business.

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