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Native Advertising

Boost your content’s visibility with integrated placements on leading publisher sites

Both agencies and clients tie themselves in knots over what native advertising means. For us, the definition is pretty simple: if it’s a paid placement designed to sit in the stream of a website’s core content, it’s a native ad.

While the definition is simple, the native advertising landscape isn’t. The Interactive Advertising Bureau has identified six core types, from in-feed social ads to paid search units to platform-specific custom creative.

Native advertising isn’t the same as content marketing, but it can help put your content in front of new audiences. So it can be a useful part of your content marketing strategy.

Getting the message out

Our outreach, social and SEO services can help boost your content organically, but if you want to reach a wide audience fast, or your goals are targeted away from linking and authority, native advertising is a good way to go.

We always put strategy and commercial goals first, so our approach to native advertising will be governed by who you want to reach and why – as well as by how much you want to spend. The target audience will steer the choice of publisher, and we’ll then align your goals and budget with each publisher’s native ad offering to arrive at the best solution. It could be paid promotion in a recommendation widget, or it could be a full sponsored content piece co-created with the publisher’s own writers and designers.

Set Goal > Establish Strategy > Define Audience > Identify Publisher > Select Native Ad Solution

Targeted recommendations

We operate with leading recommendation platforms such as Outbrain and Taboolah, which use behavioural targeting to put your content in front of the right audience at the right time. Their related content galleries and carousels sit on some of the web’s biggest publishers, offering you great reach as well as sophisticated targeting. We can set up standalone campaigns or integrate recommendation placements into a wider content and outreach strategy.

Sponsored content

Confused about the difference between sponsored content and native advertising? The terms are often used interchangeably, but sponsored content is actually a kind of native ad. It’s still a pay-to-play placement, and it’s still designed to sit naturally in the publisher’s content stream. But sponsored mean placing full-length content that reflects the publisher’s own, and entertains or informs the reader in a similar way. It usually means collaborating with the publisher’s own editorial team, and our in-house editors can help manage that process, steering the creative brief and setting expectations at both ends.

Native advertising and outreach

We believe native advertising works best as part of a wider outreach strategy with a clearly defined target audience. That’s what our outreach team specialises in – we’ll help you identify the people your content needs to reach, from broad personas right down to specific influencers in the press and on social media. Then we’ll design a plan of activity that puts your content in front of them.

  • Campaign Management
    • Standalone or as part of a wider content service.
  • Contextually Relevant targeting
    • Social profiling and audience analysis
  • Scalable
    • One off content piece promotion, or at scale delivery.
  • Premium placements
    • Premium advertisement placements on top platforms internationally.
  • Intrinsically connected with social
    • Twitter, facebook and Instagram.

We’re set on making your content successful. Either with a shared campaign, or something unique we have in house support for your native advertising campaign.

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