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Influencer Marketing

Partner with influencers trusted by your target audience to boost your awareness and visibility

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a complicated practice with a simple goal: getting influential people to talk about your brand or product.

For many brands, ‘influencer’ has become a byword for a new generation of online celebrities with huge ready-made audiences. But we use the word a little more broadly – if you’re someone a given community listens to, you’re an influencer.

Popularity doesn’t always equal influence, and our influencer marketing work goes deeper than checking numbers on Twitter and YouTube. We look for engagement with followers, trust from audiences and a track record of quality, successful content.

We aren’t just looking for ‘placement’. We’re looking to build relationships between your brand and a group of relevant influencers who care about their audience and community.

Influencer marketing: ‘with’ or ‘to’?

We prefer to market with influencers. That means actively involving them in the content marketing campaign, which could mean anything from co-creation with the brand’s creative team to total artistic freedom.

In some cases we leave influencers with a very open brief, allowing them to create the content that best reflects their style and personal brand. After all, they know what resonates with their audience.

In other cases, the brand is able to bring something new and original to what the influencer does.

The point is: every project and every influencer relationship is different.

What is marketing to influencers? Think of it as a subcategory of outreach. We’ll analyse reams of articles, blog posts and social posts to identify influential individuals likely to have an affinity with the content campaign. Then we’ll approach them with an introduction tailored to their style and persona.

We’ve used both approaches successfully, and some influencer marketing strategies include a bit of each.

– Define Influencer Marketing approach
– Identify relevant influencers
– Agree on partnership terms
– Briefing and support
– Project management: agreed times and budgets
– Content review and iterations (if needed)
– Content launch, syndication and social sharing

The next step: outreach and amplification

With an existing audience in place, does an influencer campaign need an outreach strategy? We think so. The goal is to reach as many people as possible and encourage as many conversations as possible. Our outreach team will look for opportunities to push the influencer content to audiences and media outlets it doesn’t naturally reach, amplifying your campaign and introducing the influencer to new potential followers.

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