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Content Outreach

Ensure your content gets seen by the right people

“Build it and they will come”. Well, they might. But it helps if you invite them.

Great content marketing isn’t just about content creation. Sure, your informative, inspiring, entertaining piece of content is a useful asset. But if you don’t promote it to the right people, it’ll never translate into traffic, engagement or sales. In traditional marketing terms, it’s like creating a killer ad but never buying ad space to put it in.

That’s where outreach comes in. By connecting with a list of relevant media, influencers and communities, we can help you amplify your message and substantially boost your content’s visibility and performance. In a content landscape that gets busier and more sophisticated by the hour, outreach is an essential component of your content strategy.

Outreach isn’t just for commerce brands and marketers. As reader habits and demographics shift and ad revenue plunges, it’s an increasingly important for traditional media. We’ve used outreach techniques to drive significant new traffic to legacy content from The Times and The Sunday Times travel sections.

Categorise your outreach targets and craft tailored approaches

Unlike the content asset itself, outreach isn’t aimed at the customer or prospect. It’s aimed at people who influence the customer or prospect. When we identify outreach targets, we start with four fundamental questions:

  1. Who is going to be interested in this content?
  2. Can we imagine them featuring, sharing or writing about it?
  3. If they did, would their readers or followers like it?
  4. What’s in it for them?

Let’s say we’ve created an infographic about special dietary requirements. Based on the first three questions, we’d probably be targeting health and fitness media, wellness media, foodies, beauty blogs and fashion and beauty media, as well as forums around those topics.

Simple enough. Question four is where it gets interesting, because the answer can vary from market to market and from person to person. We believe in transparent, mutually beneficial digital outreach – when it works, the influencer gets great content, the audience enjoys it and the client reaps the benefits.

– Define outreach target categories
– Populate each category with relevant targets
– Craft a tailored approach for each category
– Create a communications plan: platforms, templates, follow-ups
– Report on success and refine approach if needed

Boosting with paid amplification

Paid isn’t a dirty word. In fact, targeted paid content distribution can be an incredibly useful way to boost an organic outreach and amplification campaign.

Our partnerships with content discovery platforms allow us to run targeted native ad campaigns that put your content on relevant online publications with high readership. We closely monitor and regularly optimise campaigns to achieve the highest Click-Through Rate (CTR) and lowest Cost Per Click (CPC) possible.

Interested in outreach work? Whether you need help promoting existing content or want advice on how to work outreach into your content strategy from day one, our outreach team can help.

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