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Digital PR and Outreach

Essential to an end-to-end content marketing campaign.

Every content marketer is faced with two key questions when building a campaign: how to get it in front of people, and how to make sure they’re the right people. Our insight team combines content and search analysis with social listening to build up a comprehensive map of the people that matter, from your target audience, broad interest groups to specific influencers. When it comes to reaching them, we can bring your target audience into the creative process from day one, generating mutually beneficial campaigns with a ready-made and receptive audience. We also plan social media and direct contact activity to introduce content to journalists, bloggers and community figureheads, encouraging interactions, shares and backlinks.

Our digital PR campaigns are rooted in data and insights from user interests to relevant statistics and topical interest.  The key to any successful campaign is understanding the audiences perspective, pain points, interests, and desires.  Once you have this along with the data to support it, you can facilitate a unique angle and deliver creative campaigns which naturally drive mentions, citations and organic links to build authority and relevancy of a brand.

Case study: Netflights