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App development

Rich experiences that make the most of mobile platforms

What’s exciting about an app? There’s a business answer to that, and a creative answer. And to really understand what’s exciting about apps, you need to grasp both.

From a business point of view, apps give you direct access to your customers, putting special offers and information straight into their hands to push your business goals. They allow a brand to grab real estate in one of the most important and regularly-used tools a customer owns. That doesn’t just mean getting the logo on the mobile homescreen, but the opportunity to gather data, send push notifications and become a regular part of a customer’s near-constant mobile sessions.

Creatives come at it a bit differently. First, apps give them a chance to play with a whole new range of gesture inputs – swipes, taps, shakes, long and short presses. Enter world-beating games such as Angry Birds, and Tindr’s famous left-or-right interface. Second, developers have access to whole new streams of information, including location data. For creatives, it isn’t just a marketing opportunity. It’s a whole new set of toys to play with.

Rich and lasting experiences, not one-off novelties

In this landscape, the old notion of an app as a novelty add-on to your core digital presence no longer works. If your app isn’t going to provide a rich experience that pushes beyond the capabilities of a responsive website, why build it? Apps can provide lean, personalised search and shopping; intuitive physical interfaces; and seamless integration with contact books and location data.

Our approach to app development

Our Agile framework allows for fast prototyping and launch, with prioritisation of new features. From a basic MVP to a feature-packed app, we’ll work through your needs and deliver iOS, Android, and Windows apps that work for you and your needs from the start.

From build to promotion

There’s a common misconception that content marketing is about SEO. Content campaigns can be used to achieve a range of goals, including app driving app downloads and usage. Our insight, content and outreach teams can design an end-to-end campaign around your app, whether you’re looking to boost awareness of a new product or revitalise an existing one.

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