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Tell your brand stories with purpose-driven video and deliver results

A great medium to bring your stories to life and engage your audience

The statistics on daily video consumption are astonishing. Hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube. Around 100 million (and counting) on Facebook. Video has become a go-to format for entertainment and education content, with major publishers establishing their own studios and YouTube performers becoming global stars. The opportunity for brands to build brand awareness and affinity as well as amplify their message through video is huge.

Whether you’re just starting out with video, want to refine an existing strategy or just need some fresh content ideas, we’re here to help.

Video content aligned to your objectives

We believe in data-backed campaigns that deliver purposeful content and bring measurable results. That’s as true for video content as it is for written content.

Boost conversion with on-site video

On-site video can help explain a complex product or bring an experiential one to life, keeping visitors engaged and smoothing the path to purchase.

On-site video for organic SEO

The more rich, high-quality content you can add to your pages, the better. Video can send good engagement and UX signals too, increasing dwell time and page interactions.

Building brand with off-site video

Off-site video campaigns can put your brand in front of the right people, targeting prospects or existing customers with entertaining, informative content that boosts awareness and goodwill.

Audience and content research

Your objectives are the first piece of the puzzle. The next step is to understand your target audience’s video habits and preferences. Where and when do they watch videos? What kind of videos do they like? Why do they watch them?

Typical video motivators are:

  • Being entertained
  • Learning more about a topic
  • Learning how to complete a specific task
  • Making a purchase decision about a product or experience

Melt’s network includes video production companies, YouTube stars and scriptwriters, so whatever strategy and approach you develop, we can help bring it to life.

– Client objectives
– Audience and content research
– Telling your story
– Engaging users
– Next steps: inviting users to take actions
– Measuring performance

From video creation to distribution

Great videos still need outreach work to deliver results. Melt’s outreach team will make sure your videos reach the right outlets, from niche influencers to mainstream media websites. For an additional boost, we can add targeted native ads or paid promotion on social, taking your video content to an even wider – but still highly relevant – audience.

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