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Travel Content Marketing

Content marketing expertise allied with travel industry experience

Every industry is different – but some are more different than others. As a team with extensive industry experience, we firmly believe travel falls into the latter category. The simplest buying journeys are opportunistic and price driven, but the most complex can last for months or even years, frequently shifting, restarting or doubling back on themselves and taking in multiple supplier, media and review websites. There’s no single model for a travel purchase, which means there’s no single model for travel content marketing.

A unique mix of perspectives on travel

Melt’s team has worked in travel ecommerce, search marketing, technical SEO and media. That gives us a comprehensive understanding of the industry. We’re familiar with the key players in the market, we have an extensive network of contacts, and most importantly we have first-hand experience of the challenges that face travel websites.

What kind of travel content marketing projects do we do?

We’ve worked with small travel agencies, huge OTAs, metasearch sites, travel media, cruiselines, tour operators, rail booking sites and luxury hotel groups. Our work ranges from full strategy-led campaigns to pure copywriting and creative outreach.

  • Inspirational on-site content and minisites
  • SEO-focused destination landing pages
  • Travel content strategy
  • Travel content audits
  • Travel content outreach

When it comes to creating content, we don’t just use our talented in-house team. Our freelance network includes b2b and consumer travel journalists, travel photographers and travel videographers.

We’re travel experts – but we see beyond travel

We understand that the route to success is not always through travel channels. We won’t default to travel bloggers or travel media. We’ve worked with travel clients to create campaigns about food and drink, music, literature and more. And our outreach network extends well beyond the travel industry, so we can target any community of interest likely to respond to your product or destination.

Multilingual content marketing

Melt’s team has extensive experience of managing travel websites across multiple markets and languages. Our editorial team and freelance network includes multilingual writers who understand how to plan and create translatable content.

If you’re looking for a strategy that can cross borders, or need quality copywriting that you can feed straight into your translation workflow, we can help.

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