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Need your content to work worldwide? We’re here to help

If you’re making your first moves into multilingual and international content, you’re in for a steep learning curve. There’s more to going global than simply handing original content to a translator – and in fact, translation is just the simplest of a range of multilingual content models. Depending on the nature, purpose and volume of your original content, you might need more sophisticated localisation approach, or even full transcreation.

Just as we do with English-language content and SEO campaigns, we’ll start any translation project by looking at your business model and commercial goals. From there, we’ll help you figure out the best approach for your needs and budget.

Basic translation

For high-volume, mostly factual pages, basic translation can sometimes be the best option. It’s relatively cheap, and it will do the job for content that requires little nuance. We can provide basic translation in a wide range of languages and at scale, helping you get the nuts-and-bolts pages of your site ready for moves into new markets.

Localisation: translation plus market knowledge

For more sophisticated, creative content, simple translation often isn’t enough. Nuanced slogans and sales messages developed for one market can sound awkward or nonsensical in others. A tone of voice that projects as confident in one territory can come across as obnoxious elsewhere. Our in-market localisation specialists are there to spot those gaps in meaning and bridge them. They bring knowledge of local market conditions, buying habits and cultural values to the translation process, so your most important content stays clear and relevant wherever it goes.

Design matters too

A full localisation project goes beyond the written word. Our team can undertake a thorough audit of your website, optimising imagery, videos, symbols and user interfaces to ensure you are offering a smooth and sympathetic digital experience in each target market.

Full transcreation: the strategic approach

Transcreation resets the whole process, going right back to the business goals behind your content. Instead of translating or localising piece by piece, we’ll use local experts to develop bespoke, market-specific content that is aligned with your commercial priorities. While translation and localisation result in new versions of the same content, a transcreation project can often lead to entirely new material.

Multilingual and international SEO

Melt’s SEO team has extensive multilingual and international experience. We’ll conduct technical audits of your international set up, undertake keyword research to help you crack new markets, and help you develop multilingual content and outreach strategies to boost organic SEO.

Copywriting for easy translation

Need content that’s designed to translate easily? Our versatile writing team can switch from rich inspirational copy to simple, lucid language, giving you clear and authoritative core documents for translators and localisers to work from.

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