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Content Strategy

First ask what, why, who and when. Then get creative.

What is content strategy?

Do you know why you’re creating content? Could you explain how your content contributes to your business goals? If not, you’re almost certainly working without a documented content strategy.

Content strategy isn’t a magic spell. In fact, the basics are easy to understand. A content strategy is nothing more than the set of goals, ideas, tasks and deliverables that shape and steer your content campaign. It tells you who you’re trying to reach, how you intend to reach them, what you intend to reach them with and what steps you need to take to make it all happen.

How do I get started with content strategy?

Content strategy starts with two things: clear business goals and mineable data. Business goals for content campaigns vary, but typical goals include:

  • Increasing website traffic
  • Improving organic search ranking
  • Increasing conversion rate
  • Increasing brand recognition
  • Winning new email or social subscriptions

When we understand your goals, we move on to data analysis. There’s no set menu of data sources, though we almost always look at search and social signals. Depending on what you are able and willing to share, other inputs might be:

  • Sales data
  • Website metrics
  • Anonymised CRM and subscriber data
  • SEO and content audit findings
  • Competitor analysis
  • Wider web content analysis

Data-driven creative ideas

Throughout the data phase, we’re looking for insights. Not just insights into which search terms you should be competing fur, but about who your audience is, how they consume content and what they are interested in. That helps us to see how to better engage existing audiences, plug obvious audience gaps and explore new opportunities.

Our insight and content teams work side-by-side, so the results of data work feed straight into collaborative brainstorming sessions. By the end of the process we’re ready to present you with content themes, creative ideas, campaign tactics and outreach plans, including key influencers your content needs to reach.

From content strategy to content creation

Got a skilled content creation team in-house? We’ll give you everything you need to get them up and running on the new strategy, from detailed creative ideas to calendars, style guides. We can even offer face-to-face training.

If you need creative support, we can hand the strategy over to our own content team, backed up by a network of talented freelancers and multimedia producers.

Backed up by outreach specialists

Our outreach team is dedicated to identifying, contacting and building relationships with the right influencers for your campaign – whether they’re niche journalists or YouTube stars with hundreds of thousands of followers.

With insight, creative and outreach teams in once place we can plan and deliver your strategy from end to end, from data-mining to amplification.

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