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From low-cost video formats to sophisticated interactive properties

While most marketers have their heads around photography, graphic design and video, animation remains something of a blind spot. Is it really necessary? And wouldn’t you be better off commissioning live video?

In fact, animation can give your visual marketing a lift in a number of ways, adding another layer to video content and bringing to life browser games, narrative minisites and multimedia features. What’s more, it can also improve the usability of your core web pages. In other words, lose that blind spot. Animation is a vital part of your creative toolkit.

Animation and video

Don’t confuse animation with full-length cartoons. Animation can be worked into videos on a number of levels, from simple logo stings right up to fully animated talking characters. In practical videos – explainers, how-tos and product reviews, for instance – animation often takes the shape of moving charts or graphs, bringing to life key points and statistics. It can help give your videos structure too, with animated transitions clearly marking progress and introducing new segements.

Giving new life to existing designs

Looking to get more value out of your visual and brand assets? Whether they’re logotypes, characters or infographics, a good animator can bring them to life. Static logos become playful stings, charts move to illustrate trends over time, and characters walk and talk. Use the results for one-off projects or keep them on file to reuse in videos or on web pages.

Producing animated videos at scale

While big animation projects aren’t cheap, a refined, templated approach can help you convert existing text content to video at relatively low cost. Our model for producing video at scale uses an automated editor that feeds stock photos and footage into a simple animated template. It’s a good solution for high-volume video projects, removing the expense of hiring crew and performers.

High-impact animated content

At the other end of the scale, bespoke animation increases the impact and usability of ‘hero’ content, from browser games to product configurators. In linear, narrative digital experiences – training courses or multimedia features, for instance – animation can play a critical role in steering the user from one module or chapter to the next.

Animation and web design

In the early days of animation on the web, the focus was on visual gimmicks and entertainment. But adding animation to a web page can dramatically enhance both usability and the user journey. Simple animations can highlight key parts of a page, show users what they can and can’t interact with, and indicate whether an interaction has been successful or unsuccessful.

Hero content

  • Browser games and quizzes
  • Interactive charts and infographics
  • Narrative minisites and multimedia features
  • Training courses


  • Explainer and how-to videos
  • Character-driven videos
  • Logo stings
  • Video transitions


  • Highlighting input errors and CTAs
  • Highlighting changes to a button, menu or shopping basket
  • Confirming a user input
  • Hiding and revealing content elements or menus
  • Providing interface hints (encouraging swipes, taps or clicks)
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