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September 19, 2016

Online reputation management tools: the best free options

There’s no one free suite that does it all, but these platforms will help you piece together what people are saying and where.

Reputation is everything in business, taking weeks, months and years to build and only seconds to destroy. Enhancing and improving your brand requires a sound understanding of how it is perceived by your customers and clients. Feedback is everything.

Thankfully, there are a wealth of free online reputation management tools that businesses can use to monitor what people are saying about their brand and where they are saying it. This isn’t just free feedback. You can use it to develop an overarching reputation management strategy that will enable you to examine where and how your business can improve.

It’s also essential information for the benchmarking stage of a campaign – if you know where your reputation currently stands, you’ll have a better idea of how effective any activity you invest in has been. And on the positive side, some of the tools here will help you identify fans and supporters

Here are some of the best free online reputation management tools… 

Social Mention

Social Mention is an invaluable reputation management platform that scans social networks for mentions of your brand, a competitor or any key phrase you type in. You can refine the search to blogs, videos or images. Results are detailed and display sentiment, reach, hashtags and source.

Google Alerts

If you have a Gmail address, Google alerts are easy to set up and useful for tracking where (and why) your brand is being mentioned across the web. You can create alerts for your brand, competitors and any relevant key phrases.

If This Then That

IFTTT allows users to create ‘rules’ (known as ‘recipes’) and corresponding actions, so that if a rules occurs, a specific action is triggered. Use this reputation management tool to keep tabs on where your brand is mentioned and if relevant, trigger a desired response.


Connect your social networks to Klout and it will generate a score that showcases how influential your brand is online, based on the number of connections you have, how engaged people are with you and other metrics.

HubSpot Marketing Grader

Enter your URL and email address for a report on the performance of your online marketing. It will generate an overall score, actions you need to take and a breakdown of recent blog posts and shares. If you sign up for updates you’ll receive emails about your performance improvement in your inbox every Monday.


Backlinks are SEO gold dust and knowing who loves your brand and who is linking to your site is a valuable online reputation management tool. You can download a free report on backlinks to your site using wholinkstome – but bear in mind that for a full review of your backlinks, you’ll need to check several sources. Use this as a starting point.


Boardreader scans online forums and discussion boards to see who is talking about you, where, and what they are saying. Think of it as the eavesdropper of the online reputation management industry!

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