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July 12, 2016

How to create a GIF

GIFs have become a byword for bite-size visual entertainment. If you're in content marketing, you need to know how to make them

GIFs are perhaps the meatiest little morsels of the content marketing world, capable of instantly inspiring emotion and capturing attention. According to Twitter, people shared more than 100 million GIFs on the social network last year. As for other networks, research says Tumblr gets 23 million GIFs per day, Facebook more than 5 million per day and Slack – where you’re supposed to be working – more than 5 million per month.

So while you probably don’t need a dedicated GIF specialist, the ability to create them should be firmly in your content marketing toolkit. Luckily, GIF creation is quick and easy thanks to a number of online platforms. Here’s a quick guide to making GIFs from videos, images, and even your webcam.

How to create a GIF from a video

Giphy’s GIF Maker and enable you to create a GIF from a Youtube video, Instagram post or Vine clip. Simply paste the URL of the video and you’ll be directed to a page where you can easily edit it. Here you can add a caption, determine the duration and decide where you want it to start.

How to make a GIF from photos

You can stitch a series of photos and images together to make an animated GIF, using Imgflip. This is great for producing GIFs that show how something has changed over time – whether it’s a building or a series of numbers on a chart – or for creating custom animations from your own artwork.

How to create a GIF slideshow

Giphy Slideshow enables you to upload a series of images and GIFs to create an animated GIF slideshow.

How to make a GIF from webcam footage

Makeagif allows your to create GIFs straight from your webcam. This is a great option for providing snapshots of company events, blogger reviews or products in action.

How to create a GIF of your computer screen

CloudApp and Recordit allow you to record your screen, annotate images and download them as GIFs. This can be really useful tool for quickly showing customers how to navigate your site.

Editing your GIFS

Giphy’s GIF Editor is a fantastic tool for editing and enhancing your GIFs. Add stickers, filters and amusing captions.

Feeling uninspired?

There is no end of pre-made GIFs out there, so if you’re feeling lazy or just want to post an instantly reconisable pop-culture snippet, try exploring the Giphy library. It’s a huge resource, and offers both embed codes and downloads for use on social media. You can also search it from within the Twitter website and apps, making it easy to add ready-made GIFs to your tweets.

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