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December 21, 2013

Content marketing: Great use of video in the travel sector in 2013

You’re sat in the middle seat of row 51, anticipating a 14 hour flight to the corner of the globe with Horrid Henry neatly positioned right behind you.  You’re desperately trying to catch the eye of the far from chirpy flight attendant to advise you that your upgrade to first class has come through, when you hear the final call ‘all ground staff to leave the aircraft’.  Your fate is sealed; you’re not moving.  The flight path and expected arrival time follows, and then, the ever so dull and ‘I’m not watching ‘cause I’m such a seasoned traveller’ flight safety video starts.  Yawn.  But wait, this is different, even quite amusing and actually holds the attention of the passengers until it concludes.  Brilliant.

This clever use of engaging content is a perfect example of the usefulness and effectiveness of video.  Be it a flight safety demonstration, a tutorial, webinar or a brand driven piece, video is a highly efficient way of publishing content.

Here are a selection of 5 high quality travel videos from 2013:

1.    Virgin America’s flight safety video:


2.  Air New Zealand’s Hobbit inspired video:


3.  British Airways – A ticket to Mum:


4.  Melbourne remote controlled tourist:


5.  The Scream from Norway – Edvard Munch:


During the recent ABTA convention in Croatia, Google’s Nigel Huddleston told the audience that marketeers would be wise to incorporate videos into their content marketing strategy. He advised there’s a “huge thirst” among travellers who want to get a good sense of a destination before committing to a holiday.  On average, people spent 73 days between their first travel related search to completing a booking, a point outlined by Thomas Cook’s digital advisory board chairman, John Straw.  He highlighted that only 3 percent of web traffic converted into a transaction which in the main was influenced by a lack of inspiring content.

Very few travel companies make the most of video which is surprising, given that videos are far easier to digest rather than text-heavy content.  Most popular travel destinations are brought to life through compelling video and photos and should be considered an important component of any content marketing strategy.

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