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Richard Kimber
Richard Kimber

July 16, 2020

5 things we’ve learned about doing keyword research at scale

When we first talked about large-scale keyword research a few years ago, we were thinking about hundreds of thousands. As we’ve finally perfected our process, the largeness of that scale is getting, well, larger with each project. The Melt SEO team has just finished a project outputting over 2 million keywords, close to doubling the […]


June 23, 2020

The 500,000-keyword approach pt 2: The benefits of keyword research at scale

Let’s get this clear: traditional keyword research is not a bad thing. But, as we discussed in part 1, it is limited. In some cases those limitations don’t matter. But in others – namely SEO for enterprise sites – they do. A lot. And it’s time for digital teams to stop accepting those limitations. It’s […]


June 18, 2020

The 500,000-keyword approach pt 1: The limitations of traditional keyword research

Now don’t get us wrong. Keyword research is the lifeblood of SEO and organic content strategy. Pretty much any which way of doing it for the past couple of decades will have got you somewhere. And recent years have seen SEOs come up with masses of inventive ways to process keyword sets, to get more […]

June 9, 2020

Content design: What it is, why you need it and why it shouldn’t be new to you

If you work in digital marketing, you’ve probably been hearing the term ‘content design’ more and more over the last year or so. If you’re wondering what it’s all about, content design actually has little to do with what you’d usually think of as ‘design’. In fact, content design groups together various existing digital disciplines […]

May 18, 2020

How to do a content audit of your website

Do you know how all the content on your website is performing? All the good, all the bad, the average? More to the point, do you know why it’s performing the way it is? Whether it’s part of a complete overhaul or just a health-check on your site, conducting a content audit once in a […]

April 21, 2020

What to do now: The digital marketer’s guide to the near term

Last time we focused on travel, but the advice we’re offering this time is valid for businesses in many industries currently experiencing a major reduction in demand, whether it’s hospitality, events or retail. We’re not here to sugar-coat the reality. We’re also not here to debate the relative merits of marketing – we’re just here […]

May 10, 2019

Melt Mixer: The insights top travel marketers shared at our latest event

If you’re a CMO in the travel industry today, you’re earning your keep. That was the sentiment in the opening remarks of Ian Brooks, co-founder of Melt, at our latest event on 2 May, and the conversation reflected it. Marketers with P&L responsibility are under greater pressure than ever to account for every penny spent […]

June 20, 2018

Melt Copy Clinic: Why random commas don’t go before verbs

I’ll be honest – there’s not a lot of science behind how I choose our Wednesday writing tips. They mostly come about when I read a linguistic error that’s just so upsetting I can’t let it go, or when I notice an odd quirk becoming more prevalent – unfortunately as an increasingly widespread mistake rather […]

June 13, 2018

Melt Copy Clinic: Why you should use adjectives sparingly

Few channels on our company Slack incite heated debate quite like the #dailywritingtip one that I oversee as head writer in the Melt Digital editorial team. It serves as our in-house style guide – a tip a day is a bit more digestible than a 100-page bible (believe me, I could make it run further) […]

July 3, 2017

‘Untapped potential’: How to make your email marketing work harder

A poll at our Digital Breakfast suggested travel brands still aren't getting the best out of email. Here are some of the key points from our decks and the audience Q&A