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May 12, 2017 09.00 - 10.30

When Brands Meet Influencers: Insights from both sides

Catch the highlights and key discussions points from this event in our post: 5 takeaways from our ‘When brands meet influencers’ panel

Engaging content is vital for a successful marketing strategy. But creating it is just the start. For your content to have any impact, you need the right people to see it in the right places. That’s where outreach and influencer marketing come in. Influencers are one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience and increase your visibility.

In this session we’ll explore what influencer marketing is and how it fits into the Content Marketing Framework. We’ll explore what you need to be aware of when engaging with influencers, what you should expect from influencer campaigns, and what the best strategies for success are.

Above all, finding the right fit is key to a successful influencer partnership. So we’ll also equip you with a checklist for selecting the right influencers to work with your brand.

Marketing Influencers

Our guests speakers, top travel bloggers from This Battered Suitcase and A Brit and a Broad, will also discuss how to find the right fit, aspects to consider when engaging an influencer and the future of influencer marketing.

Melt Digital - Brenna Holeman and Macca Sherifi

“Great session. I often come away from these events thinking why did I bother but I have to say the last two of yours that I have attended have been excellent!”

Chris Wright, Managing Director – Sunvil

 “Thank you very much for inviting! It was great as always! And of course, I would like to participate in the next event please”

Katia Novitskaya, Marketing Manager – ETOA

“Pleasure to meet you as well. I found this morning’s session on influencers very useful and relevant for us…look forward to seeing the full presentation which I can share with my colleagues”

Padgett Johnson, Senior Marketing Executive – Qantas Airways

“Thanks so much to all your team and the speakers this morning – I found it really interesting and enjoyed the talk!”

Katherine Thomas, Product & Content Executive – Mail Newspapers

 “Thank you for the invite – it was a fantastic session, really insightful and the influencers  were brilliant!”

 Lucinda Macklin, Senior Content Executive – Royal Caribbean Cruise


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