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July 19, 2018 09.00 - 11.00

Link-building? Authority-building? Just call it digital PR

Once upon a time it was called link-building – nowadays there are as many names for it as there are ways of doing it. Gaining links from other sites to yours is complex, and in 2018 it’s not a one-channel, one-person job.

Why digital PR?

The discipline combines digital expertise with traditional PR skills; that’s why we think it’s more accurately thought of as digital PR. In this Digital Breakfast we’ll explore what it takes to attract the links and build the authority you need to compete online.

What you’ll learn

Data and insight are the first steps in digital PR. Data forms your story, and then insight determines how you deliver that story to journalists and consumers. We’ll identify data sources for different budgets and what you need to turn that data into a story.

Then we’ll focus on ROI. How do you measure the value of a link? How do I report value back to other stakeholders? How do links relate to conversions? We’ll look at all the key questions and give you practical tips and strategies on how to measure performance and report on the value of digital PR.

With guest speaker:

Sharron Livingston, Founder and editor, The Travel Magazine

Sharron Livingston, The Travel Magazine


Mike Curtis, Head of SEO, Melt Digital

Lewis White, Senior SEO Strategist, Melt Digital

Mike Curtis and Lewis White, Melt Digital


Charlotte Lamp-Davies, Melt Digital

Charlotte Lamp-Davies
Digital PR should be a core part of any online marketing strategy today – sign up for expert insights that you can act on, whether you’re getting started or refining your approach.

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