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VisitBritain: Website to support global content strategy for trade

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Website to support global content strategy for trade


VisitBritain required a new overarching global content strategy for the trade side of its business. The first project was building a new website for VisitBritain’s domestic and international trade partners.



Our remit was to take the lead on this and build a new site, based on insight gathered from analysing the existing site and from detailed research into users. Our primary aim was to create a platform that would be easy and enjoyable to use, allowing users to find information effortlessly and efficiently. Making the mass of information accessible and navigable was key. VisitBritain also needed a site that would be easy to edit and develop in-house after launch.

The challenge

The biggest challenge for VisitBritain was that its previous site offered too much information – much of it redundant. Further, not only was it difficult for a user to find relevant content, a lot of it failed to inspire and sell Britain as a destination. In short, it wasn’t engaging or interactive. Finally, there was no clear UX, calls to action or data capture across the site.

Our approach

We carried out a rigorous 49-day discovery phase, starting with an in-depth SEO review and detailed content audit. Quantitative and qualitative analysis was carried out collaboratively by our SEO and editorial teams.

We then held stakeholder interviews to help us define clear personas for users. This stage was vital as it revealed that VisitBritain needed to address a broader group of users than originally thought. Clearing identifying these personas enabled us to create goal-led user journeys that would define the site’s framework and information architecture.

To make the site as navigable as possible we carefully planned out search, filter and drop-down functionality. To support the design and build of the new trade site, we also created a new design direction, defining a look-and-feel that was fresh but still on brand.

We took a modular approach to design, with easily customisable pages to help VisitBritain adjust the layout and content to reflect changing priorities and campaigns. It also allows the site to continuously evolve, be optimised and provide easy routes for growth and content development.


The site went live in August 2017 with overwhelmingly positive feedback from VisitBritain and trade users. We continue to work with VisitBritain on a retained basis.


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