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Quidco: Improving rankings across key merchant pages and increasing traffic

Research, strategy, SEO and content

  • Organic strategy
  • Keyword research and opportunity analysis
  • Large-scale content refresh backed by in-depth insight


Quidco is the UK’s original cashback website, allowing consumers to earn money back on transactions with thousands of retailers in diverse areas from fashion to electricals to insurance.

Quidco: The UK’s original cashback pioneer

But despite being a pioneer in its sector, Quidco was failing to achieve visibility in the search engine results pages (SERPs) for key terms related to its merchants. Each merchant has a dedicated landing page on the Quidco site; our job was to increase search engine rankings for these pages and drive organic traffic to the site, while also deepening engagement with customers.

This meant a complete rethink for Quidco’s major merchant pages. We were tasked with improving the pages for the top 100 merchants, which ranged from high-street retailers such as Marks and Spencer to takeaway companies like Domino’s Pizza and brands from Nike and adidas to Ticketmaster and

The solution: In-depth keyword research and editorial rigour

The starting point was in-depth keyword research to identify new traffic opportunities and inform a content roadmap. This included a completely new structure and brief for merchant pages, along with a targeted set of FAQs for each one.

Since we were effectively carrying out keyword research on 100 different retailers, we had to come up with a new process for making research as efficient as possible. This involved an initial round of traditional keyword research to inform more detailed research for individual briefs.

Our editorial team then designed a workflow to manage the 100 pages, each of 1,000 words, from individual brief to production.

Results: Greater share of voice

Quidco saw an increase in ranking share of voice for the 100 merchant pages, bringing in new keyword rankings across a much broader set of terms related to the buyer journey for each different merchant. This was a crucial improvement to the key transactional pages on Quidco’s website.

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