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Premier Inn: Brand awareness with influencer marketing

Influencer marketing, strategy, content and social media
Improving traffic acquisition, driving brand awareness

Increasing brand awareness using niche
influencers across multiple passion points

Return on investment: X14

Influencer YouTube views: 32,000+

Influencer collaborations: 6

Videos created: 3

Blog posts created: 6

In summer 2017 Premier Inn required its digital marketing channels to bolster a leaner above the line campaign and approached Melt to help support its ‘great place to start’ campaign. It wanted to:

  • improve traffic to its ‘great place to start’ page
  • increase brand awareness by partnering with influencers across several niches to reinforce Premier Inn as a brand for everyone
  • strengthen the brand’s position as ‘a great place to start’, whatever the adventure


Collaborating with multiple micro-influencers allows a brand to access a range of concentrated and engaged audiences. With multiple passion points included in the campaign, we were able to partner with a range of influencers reaping the benefit from the varied audiences of all six influencers.

The challenge

After launching its ‘great place to start’ campaign, Premier Inn approached Melt to create and deliver an influencer marketing strategy and campaign – and to get it done in six weeks. With the launch date of the content hub already set, we needed to conduct influencer research, negotiate the project and organise six simultaneous influencer stays. With such a tight timeframe, we had to ensure each stage of the process was well planned and efficiently managed to launch on time.

The campaign

Collaborating with the right influencers is key to ensuring an influencer marketing campaign is successful and the right audience is reached. That means that partner influencers need to have an authoritative voice within their niche topic, have an interested and engaged following and be a good fit for the brand.

Influencer research

Using Premier Inn’s own research into the UK’s most favourite pastimes and passions we began researching into its six chosen niches – cycling, walking, golf, food, live music and mindfulness – to find the best fitting influencers to collaborate with for the campaign.

Premier Inn requested that the influencers produce a mix of content across both the influencers and Premier Inn’s channels, including blogs and videos. As influencers tend to carve out specialisms for a particular format, we focused our attention on finding three vlogging influencers and three blogging influencers who have both good blog engagement and social following.

After identifying a large list for each niche, we whittled this down based on a number of metrics and reached out to gauge interest and availability for the project.

Collaborating with the influencers

Our final influencers spanned several demographics and included an active blogging family for walking, a millennial festival blogger for music, a female food blogger for food and a male PGA golf pro for golf.

Melt directly managed each of the bloggers and vloggers to ensure that the work commissioned was in line with the campaign expectations, goal-orientated and delivered on time. This involves managing multiple workflows, organising logistics – such as stays at Premier Inn– and communicating feedback between both the influencers and Premier Inn. To make this as efficient as possible, we provided influencers with detailed briefs, which included notes on Premier Inn’s tone of voice, project KPI’s and content deliverables.

The content

In collaboration with the influencers, Melt produced a range of content that was published on the Premier Inn website’s dedicated hub for the campaign, and on influencer platforms.). This meant that we were able to promote the summer campaign through both the influencer and the brand. Content included written recipes on Lavender and Lovage’s blog to golfing vlogs embedded on Premier Inn’s hub from PGA golfer Peter Finch’s YouTube.

Together, our collaboration with the six chosen influencers generated six blog posts, three branded Premier Inn videos, 15–20 inspirational images for Premier Inn to use in later marketing efforts, three additional blog items– from packing lists to recipes– and countless influencer social posts.


14x return on investment
Influencer audience engagement rate: 30%
Overall conversion rate: 2%
Influencer YouTube views: 32,000+
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