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Orbitz: Coverage and awareness with creative content

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Coverage and backlinks through data-driven stories

Improving organic traffic, driving brand awareness and strengthening topic authority

Pieces of coverage: 32

Linking domains: 27

Estimated campaign reach, as reported by Coverage book:

  • Coverage views: 271,000
  • Average domain authority: 72


Orbitz, part of the Expedia Group, had recently launched its car hire offering and required more inspirational content to support its commercial landing pages. This creative content had the objective of increasing brand awareness of car hire availability on the Orbitz website and earn links for SEO benefit.

The challenge

Orbitz’s main challenges were to raise awareness of its new car rental offering and build authority for this service on its site. For Melt, the creative challenge was in developing an interesting story around car hire that would both engage audiences and get featured in relevant publications across multiple US states.

The campaign

Validating the story: Data-gathering

In the initial phase of our research, we found that when it comes to the great American road trip, hiring a car is a fundamental part of the process, especially for holidaymakers. That gave us an angle to build a story around – but how to make it more inspiring?

After all, most campaigns we analysed tended to deliver generic recommendations that had largely been shaped by desktop research, such as ‘best things to see on Route 66’. Using data to inform our campaign would be a key differentiator.

We decided to use data from Instagram to highlight the most popular and user-validated points of interest. We settled on bridges. Not only are you likely to cross a few of these on your road trip, but the US is also famed for having some of the most iconic ones in the world. Moreover, this specific concept hadn’t been covered anywhere else and had social validation two qualities that publishers look for when featuring content. “Instagrammable” also earns quite a considerable pick-up.

Turning it into creative

We collated and analysed hashtags for all notable bridges in the US to create a league table. We then produced a gallery of Instagram images pinned to a map of the US, revealing the locations of the most Instagrammable bridges in the country in a visual way. Ordering volume of posts associated with a hashtag gave us a solid ranking mechanism.

State publications

This ranking gave us a natural hook to target publications across the US, especially in states that featured in the top 10. We understood that a positive story that highlighted what makes a particular state ‘better’ than another would prove to be an irresistible hook for journalists.


The campaign generated over 27 linking domains and 32 pieces of coverage in total.  Estimated reach for the campaign, as reported by Coverage book, was:

Estimated coverage views: 271,000
Average domain authority: 72
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