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Netflights: Coverage and backlinks through data-driven stories

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Improving organic traffic, driving brand awareness and strengthening topic authority

Boosting authority with data-backed creative and outreach

Pieces of coverage: 70

Linking domains: 39

Lifetime estimated views: 2 million

Netflights was evolving its website. And as part of that, Melt was responsible for delivering a strategy with three key aims:

  • Strengthen the brand’s position as a specialist in flights
  • Improve SEO performance during a time of technical transition
  • Earn brand coverage from valuable outlets across the web


Earning coverage to improve SEO is about signals beyond the content that contains the links. Where is the content published? How authoritative is that site? What’s its relevance to the client’s brand and proposition? Will it reach a relevant audience? Our first step in constructing the campaign was to come up with a brief that covered all these factors.

The challenge

Netflights needed relevant coverage and backlinks to maintain brand positioning and rankings during a time of technical SEO transition. This meant producing useful, newsworthy, brand-relevant content and a strategy to get placement with relevant, quality publishers.

The campaign

Getting coverage in the right places with the right engagement needs the right story. That’s where every successful digital PR campaign starts.

Finding the story

To find the right story we began by reviewing search and social data to identify key areas of misinformation on flights and poor air travel experience. We spotted a few immediate trends, but one widely talked-about topic was how much travellers end up spending at the airport before they take off. There was a lot of discussion around the expense of pre-flight meals and drinks, but virtually nothing on how to avoid it. So our next step was to explore whether there was a reason and a remedy for this.

Validating the story: Data-gathering

Firstly we looked at travellers’ options and identified airport lounges as the one universally overlooked alternative to standard spending patterns. So we conducted a consumer survey to gather first-hand insight into the average traveller’s typical spending at airports along with preconceptions of access to airport lounges.

The output was revealing. It showed that the travelling public generally perceived airport lounges to be unaffordable and that relatively very few consumers use them or consider doing so. However, by comparing average in-airport spending with average lounge costs, we found that most travellers could save money by booking a lounge rather than spending in their usual way.

Turning it into creative

We produced a data table ranking the best-value lounges around the world, and designed a map plotting each one and giving key information to go alongside the data. We then wrote an accompanying blog post to give more detail and flesh out the story, providing a linkable asset on the Netflights site. We then used this to create a press release and undertook outreach to a selected list of relevant media outlets.


The campaign earned 70 pieces of individual coverage from 39 different domains, with a total 2 million estimated lifetime views.

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