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Netflights: Coverage and backlinks through data-driven stories

Research, strategy, content, digital PR and outreach
Improving organic traffic, driving brand awareness and strengthening topic authority

Boosting authority with data-backed creative and outreach

After completing six successful digital PR campaigns for Netflights throughout 2018, we wanted to execute a new strategy to earn coverage on a wider variety of websites, with more targeting of mainstream media sites in the UK and across the world.

Examining travel media showed that stories around ‘wellness’, ‘wellbeing’ and general ‘healthiness’ are being regularly published. We needed to create an original story to cut through this and would inspire both journalist and readers. We used data and insight to identify the ‘best international airports for wellness’ based on a number of airport features and amenities.

For this overall campaign we achieved 47 pieces of coverage (29 with links to the content or home page and 18 citations). We secured coverage in large news outlets; this included the Independent, MSN UK, Yahoo UK, and Lonely Planet. We also featured in the South China Morning Post and the Vancouver Courier.

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