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Expedia: Large-scale keyword research and content strategy in seven territories

Keyword research at scale, multilingual content strategy, multilingual content production

We’ve worked with Expedia since 2014, with an evolving SEO remit that’s taken in technical SEO, on-page optimisation, research and analysis, strategy and content production, mainly focusing on commercial landing pages. Through 2019 we carried out one of the ambitious projects the partnership has seen so far.

Expedia: A unified content strategy

The team at Expedia were preparing to launch a new publishing platform for inspirational travel content. Its aim was primarily organic traffic acquisition, so they needed a content strategy. So far, so standard. Except that it needed to cover the widest possible range of travel-related terms, including everything from major attractions and points of interest to activities, neighbourhoods and more in five languages covering the main EMEA markets.

The solution: Huge-scale keyword research in five languages

Your average keyword research project might cover something like 3,000 to 5,000 keywords. We collated over 1 million for this project in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish covering a huge range of travel topics related to over 100 destinations.

The scope of the project was only feasible with our unique process for conducting keyword research at scale. Where traditional keyword research involves intensive manual effort, our process for conducting keyword research at huge scale redirects the human effort to carefully prescribing inputs in the form of a comprehensive seed keyword list and structuring a customised database for storage.

Through both close consultation with the Expedia team and our industry expertise we defined a comprehensive seed keyword list and then used our machine learning-assisted process to generate a usable output list of more than 1 million keywords covering a huge range of topics.

This list would then form the basis for both content strategy and wider SEO strategy, with far-reaching possibilities for ranking analysis and more.

Research to strategy to production

We used the keyword research firstly to define a coherent content strategy that went beyond simply target topics. This was a new direction and methodology for publishing inspirational content.

This then set the direction for five separate content calendars – one for each territory to reflect differences in search behaviour, but following the same overall strategic vision, with common formats and titles for efficient localisation where possible.

We then moved into production, with hundreds of titles produced over the course of the year, and hundreds more set for future use.

While still in the production phase, Expedia also engaged to carry out the same process at smaller scale in the US.

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