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A technical SEO and development project that opened the way to a content-driven organic strategy, supported by targeted PPC activityA technical SEO and development project that opened the way to a content-driven organic strategy, supported by targeted PPC activity

Luggage Mule offers luggage shipping from the front door to the hotel room, carrying regular bags and suitcases as well as bikes, skis and other outsize items. Luggage Mule launched in 2013, and approached Melt in mid-2014 for assistance on growing organic traffic.


After initial discussions we identified significant technical SEO flaws that were hindering Luggage Mule’s ability to win organic traffic. We carried out a full technical audit of the site and identified a range of issues, then guided Luggage Mule’s developers through the process of fixing them.

SEO fixes included creating new sitemaps, setting up Google Search Console, and creating a new navigation and folder structure – all of which allowed for content beyond the homepage to be discovered by search engines. We also carried out new keyword research and optimised all pages on the site accordingly. Our activity saw organic traffic grow rapidly, rising 215% in the second half of 2014 into 2015.

Supporting the strategy with PPC

Our projections showed it would take time for the SEO work to bear fruit, so we devised a complementary PPC campaign focused on boosting brand visibility and conversion rates. We felt it would be difficult to drive CTR at low first-page organic positions and proposed supporting with a PPC campaign to bring the brand to market. At the same time, we went after a very targeted audience to drive conversion early on. This resulted in PPC being the best-converting channel in 2014, with continued strong performance to date.

Developing richer content

Our keyword research brought to light a range of content opportunities for Luggage Mule. We provided the Luggage Mule team with a proposed route map for new content development, and created a new range of landing pages. By the end of 2015, the Luggage Mule website had dozens of new landing pages, featuring well-optimised and useful content.

We subsequently added a new landing page template to Luggage Mule’s legacy platform, using a reverse proxy due to constraints on the CMS. This has allowed us to deepen site content, adding 100 landing pages targeted to clear search opportunities. We continue to support Luggage Mule with ongoing site content.

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