Melt Site Icons - Final

Design, Copywriting and Development

Producing a ready-to-go package of new landing pages with interactive graphics and inspirational, keyword-rich copy is one of the world’s leading hotel booking services, listing hundreds of thousands of hotels and operating websites around the world. In the run-up to the 2015-16 ski season, approached Melt to create rich on-site content around resorts in the European Alps. The goal was to highlight resorts’ ski and lifestyle offerings, as well as selling the overall Alpine ski experience to first-timers.

Insight and research

We conducted search and social media analysis for each of’s five priority resorts, and then developed lists of essential themes and points of interest for each. Researchers identified leading restaurants, bars and non-ski experiences, as well as compiling fact-files to cover each resort’s height and overall piste length.

Structure and planning

Based on our research, we planned out five resort landing pages with keyword-rich introductory text and bite-size write-ups of key points of interest. The hero feature of each page was an interactive map plotting all POIs mentioned in the page text, as well as the resort’s most important mountain stations, pistes and ski lifts. Finally, we developed a hub page to tie together all five resort profiles, populating it with inspirational copy on the Alpine ski experience.

Design and writing

After the planning phase, we handed research, design briefs and page recipes over to our copywriting and graphic design teams. They worked side by side to create closely integrated pages, ensuring map pins were supported by clear, compelling copy below. Thanks to our rigorous editorial process, copy was quickly approved with only minor cosmetic changes.

Delivering a complete package

Finally, our developers pulled templates, maps and copy together into complete HTML pages, delivering them to the client publication-ready. Our flexible template left room for ad creative, helping the client work extra CTAs into the existing copy.

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