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Discover how the expert hotel curation giant unlocked massive new organic traffic opportunities with AI-powered content


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The challenge

Our SEO work with The Hotel Guru covers a broad spectrum, from developing strategies to carrying out technical work.

As part of our remit, we regularly run checks on their website – and during one of these routine inspections, we identified two core issues:

  • Existing pages were underperforming significantly due there being no on-page content accompanying product listings 
  • The website wasn’t ranking or competing for valuable search terms that keyword-rich landing pages would fix
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This meant they weren’t bringing in the right level of traffic for the pages they had, and they weren’t ranking for the pages they didn’t have.

The Hotel Guru needed to rectify this in a quickly – to ensure that it wasn’t losing out to its competitors – in cost-effective and resourceful way at scale.

In other words, they needed an innovative solution.

And we had just the thing. Melt-ai.

What we did

First we set about defining the types of content and landing pages that were needed to address the two critical issues.

Once that was determined, we then gathered as much data as possible in order to build The Hotel Guru a bespoke language model, which would then generate content in the style of the travel review website.

That data ranged from The Hotel Guru’s sizable hotel inventory and tone of voice documentation to travel-related keywords and existing copy on its website. 

Our in-house tool, Melt-ai, then processed all this data to ensure that the bespoke language model would capture The Hotel Guru’s distinctive writing style in its entirety.

We then put together a set of specific instructions for our model to follow in order to create the optimised landing pages.

And within seconds it had done just that.

With our destination pages, we unlocked additional organic traffic opportunity of around 100,000 per month


We successfully delivered 100 landing pages within a day, which included 25 updated versions of existing destination pages and 75 brand new destination pages.

Existing destination pages experienced a:

  • 20% increase in traffic YoY and 38% increase MoM despite seasonal decline
  • 10.5% fall (improvement) in bounce rate (better user engagement)

New destination pages:

  • Unlocked additional organic traffic opportunity of around 100,000 per month 
  • Saw a click increase of 230% from month 1–2 alone 

Other case studies


The team at MADE.COM knew their product catalogue had huge search potential, but they didn’t have the data to properly assess it, or the means to get the data on the scale they needed - which is where we came in.


We’ve worked with Expedia since 2014, with an evolving remit across both SEO and content. In 2019 we carried out one of the most ambitious projects the partnership has seen so far - including content strategy and production, all backed up by SEO data and covering 5 international markets.

Spire Healthcare

Spire Healthcare was undergoing a total digital transformation and needed a partner to guide this. Spire’s main challenge was a lack of SEO and content strategy, coupled with poor user experience, which we helped them to fix.


After a series of successful digital PR campaigns for Netflights in 2018 and 2019, we developed a new strategy to build on growth and earn coverage across a wider variety of high-authority publications, both in the UK and internationally.


Despite being a pioneer in its sector, Quidco was failing to achieve visibility in search engine results pages for key terms related to its merchants. We were tasked with improving the rankings for the top 100 merchant pages, through both SEO and content strategy.


ETOA asked us to develop an event hosting and video conferencing platform which would allow them to run events virtually. The platform needed to be up and running in six weeks and host thousands of international attendees.


TravelSupermarket needed help producing multiple blog articles for 13 of their most popular European summer destinations. They wanted the blog copy to be informative, factually accurate, and most of all, inspirational.


VisitBritain required a new trade site that would be engaging, user-friendly and easy to manage. As well as building and designing the new site, we undertook  detailed research into the VisitBritain user experience, to make sure the site achieved everything it needed to.

Thomas Cook Airlines

Thomas Cook Airlines wanted to raise awareness for itself as a flight-only brand– entirely separate from Thomas Cook Group. They needed our help to create a digital PR campaign that delivered a strong, unequivocal brand message.

Mail Travel

We were engaged by Daily Mail Group to boost performance of the Mail Travel eCommerce site. Our task was to overhaul the web content based on extensive keyword research. To support this, we also managed their social media strategy.

The Hotel Guru

The Hotel Guru came to us when they suffered a drastic drop in search rankings and traffic. We were tasked with identifying the cause of their ranking drop, and devising a strategy and recommendations to recover their position.


Orbitz had recently launched its car hire offering. They required softer content to support their commercial landing pages, along with creative outreach activity that would increase brand awareness.

Expedia Partner Solutions

We were initially approached by Expedia Partner Solutions (EPS) in 2017, to support them in producing regular B2B collateral for their partner agents, which we continue to do 5 years later.


Illuma cam to us becuase they needed to design and build a proffesional and easy to use new website, to act as a showcase of their business in an upcoming investment round. 

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