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Spire Healthcare


Increasing organic traffic and improving user experience

30+ teams

1 digital transformation

3.6 million monthly search potential


Increasing organic traffic and improving user experience

30+ teams

1 digital transformation

3.6 million monthly search potential

The challenge

Spire Healthcare was undergoing a total digital transformation and needed a partner to guide this.

Spire’s main challenge was a lack of SEO and content strategy, coupled with poor user experience.

Their decentralised editorial process meant each of the group’s 30+ hospitals had its own site that existed on the top-level domain, with a lot of content managed by local teams as well as the central team. This meant it was difficult to manage content production, and resulted in site-wide inconsistency and large volumes of duplicate content.

What we did

To clearly understand the user and their needs, we worked with a UX consultancy to create clear user personas. We then carried out user journey mapping and keyword research for each persona.

Next, we undertook an in-depth content audit, benchmarking every type of content (including both editorial and clinical) against the user requirements we had established, as well as against competitors. We also carried out stakeholder interviews, to design a clear editorial process that worked for everyone.

This all informed a comprehensive and robust SEO and content strategy, covering a huge number of facets – from site architecture to copy tone of voice. We provided a roadmap for editing and creating pages across the whole site, along with recommendations on the editorial process, tools, style and more.


Our content strategy formed the basis for Spire’s digital transformation, putting in place a clear roadmap to excellence in both content quality and organic site performance.

The strategy successfully resulted in improved rankings and visibility for Spire’s hospital locations and the Spire Healthcare brand as a whole.


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