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Producing extensive B2B travel content across multiple formats and styles

18 000 words of specialist copy

5 years as a client

1 000’s of travel agent readers


Producing extensive B2B travel content across multiple formats and styles

18 000 words of specialist copy

5 years as a client

1 000’s of travel agent readers

The challenge


We were initially approached by Expedia Partner Solutions (EPS) back in 2017, to help them with a one-off content fulfilment project. Quickly, our scope evolved, as the team recognised they needed expert support to produce more regular B2B collateral for their partner agents.

The team at EPS knew they wanted to start producing reports, E-guides and blogs for partner agents, but didn’t have any firmer ideas of what content was needed. They were also aware they needed to better communicate with agents via email, and do more to grow the overall brand reputation by earning press coverage.

What we did

Over the five years (and counting) we have worked with EPS, we have helped them bring to life a huge range of content.
Generally, EPS come to us with an idea or theme they want to explore, and we use our combined travel and digital marketing expertise to flesh out a fuller concept and brief. Once this is signed off, we then move onto the research and content production stage.

In cases such as research reports and E-guides, this will first involve extensive research and data gathering and analysis – to ensure all content is backed up by facts or industry-leading thinking. With emails and press releases, it’s a quicker development process, but still rooted in travel expertise and industry trends.

All content we produce is thoroughly edited by professional sub editors, and we work closely with EPS to incorporate their feedback into the finished pieces.


We’ve produced numerous pieces of content for EPS to use over the years. These include, E-guides on CRM best practices and social media tips for travel agents, a research report analysing how travel management companies are keeping up with the corporate traveller, and a blog which took a deep dive into what travelers want, based on four key findings from EPS’ Global Traveler Expectations report.
Each of these pieces of content has been utilised extensively by EPS, either being shared on their website or agent portal, and also distributed through email and social media too.

The expert but digestible content we produce is a key USP for EPS. The content is used as part of their sales pitch to recruit new agents to the platform, and existing agents who engage with the guides, blogs and reports regularly confirm that they are extremely helpful business tools.

Sarah Newcombe Director of Marketing

“The content Melt creates is of high quality and they are often able to meet tight deadlines. Their in-depth knowledge means they have good insight into the types of content that will resonate well with our audience and I would recommend them to others looking for a flexible, good value content-writing agency”

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